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Accommodation packages

A minimum of 2 nights in one of the desert’s pampering resorts. For reservations, call 052-3666646

Accommodation packages

Eretz Arava 

Boutique suits secluded for maximum privacy, offering a quality, pampering and serene experience. Each suite features a balcony, in complete privacy, overlooking biblical landscape, with a private mosaic bathing pool awaiting you, shaded in summer and heated in winter. ‘Arava Land’ is located at the edge of Zuqim village, a three-minute walk from the festival complex.

  • The resort hosts guests ages 14 and up.
סוויטות ארץ ערבה


Midbara’s cabins scattered on the hilltops surrounding the film festival’s big screen, are a work of art seeking to maintain the balance between Man and Nature, and an inseparable part of the festival’s spirit and existence.

The cabins are spacious, well-equipped, and luxurious – while maintaining a respect for simplicity. Each cabin has its own water source, such as small ephemeral ponds, wooden desert Hammam or swimming pool.

Desert Days Village Resort

The mud cabins at Desert Days were constructed by hand with strictly natural materials according to ancient building techniques, one layer at a time, while taking into consideration the local environment and its natural values.

The experience offered in Desert Days is so raw it is almost biblical; a journey through time.

Each mud cabin has a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, as well as a built-in grill, an outdoor sitting area, hammock, and a compact pool overlooking the desert landscape. The cabins are a two-minute walk from the festival complex.

Nof Zuqim

The private cabins at Nof Zuqim are named after the desert streams, which serve as an inspiring landscape for the region’s residents. The cabins are fully equipped, spacious and allow for total comfort, whilst blending harmoniously with the desert in which they are imbedded.  The cabins are suitable for couples, families and groups, and are located twenty minutes away from the festival complex on foot (a three-minute drive).